Composing figures for your needs essay: terms and numerals

Composing figures for your needs essay: terms and numerals

Date published 7, 2015 by Sarah Vinz august. Date updated: 7, 2019 june

Figures could be written either as terms ( ag e.g., a hundred) or numerals ( ag e.g., 100). In this specific article the guidelines are followed by us of APA Style.

As a whole, terms must certanly be employed for figures from zero through nine, and numerals should really be used from 10 onwards. This really is real for both numbagers which are cardinale.g., two, 11) and ordinal figures ( e.g., 2nd, 11 th ). Nonetheless, there are a few exceptions that are important this guideline.

Observe that other design guides, such as for instance Chicago and Harvard, target figures differently (for instance, in Chicago, you utilize terms for numbers as much as 100). No matter what style show you follow, the absolute most thing that is important become constant in the method that you treat figures during your document.

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Utilize numerals for figures from zero to nine which can be accompanied by a exact product of dimension or grouped along with a number this is certainly bigger than 10.

The examples measured 7 cm in diameter. (“cm” is just a product of dimension)

But, just 3 associated with 12 had been usable. (“3” has been grouped with “12”)

But: These three examples had been put through further screening.

Make use of terms for almost any quantity which is used to begin a phrase, apart from years.

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